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False Positive Crew: Deathbomb Arc 20 Year Anniversary Mixtape

If it doesn't sound like we should be here the word your are looking for is "range", as in, we have it.

2018 Deathbomb Arc, (songs 4 and 13 with slow roach music (ascap))

All recorded to Tascam 424 cassette.  We stocked up when TDK SM60's were going out of production and should, with proper management, have enough to utilize the format for the rest of our lives.

2018 slow roach music (ascap)

Seven song ep.  Danny, take the wheel.  

2017 slow roach music (ascap)

Took a class on Logic (our main and preferred recording device is a tascam 388 1/4" eight track reel to reel or tascam 424 four track cassette tape machine) and by golly it was fun.  Might finally make the switch for some things, or just make stuff for other people (aka for sale).  My Music Professor in college would be so, well to be honest, indifferent.  

2017 slow roach music (ascap)

Miles from an actual airport, like so far there would be no reason for it to exist, and yet it did in 2015.  On a second business trip to the same nearby vendor taking the same road in 2017 it didn't.  Wanted to take another picture and specifically plotted the route.  Gone, or bad UxxR driver (might be the latter, almost hit some mailboxes like Crazy Taxi or GTA).

2017 slow roach music (ascap)

Remix appearance for the band Rocketship and their wonderful song Outer Otherness.  We are extremely honored for the opportunity, as we hold Rocketship's "A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness" as one of the top 5 records of the 1990's. 

2017 Please visit Rocketship here.

Compilation appearance for the benefit of California migrant workers.

2016 Deathbomb Arc / slow roach music (ascap)

12" one sided vinyl.  extremely limited edition pressing.  first vinyl release since the extremely limited edition "sharon stone" 7".  Available December 31, 2015.

2015 slow roach music (ascap)

vinyl exclusively via Deathbomb Arc.

conceptual study on what a conversation between "two 'ski's" with personalities and characteristics representative of the "two 'ski's" stylistically represented might be like.  in no way whatsoever is any of this based on those two particular individuals,  just what people like them might talk about all night.

2014 slow roach music (ascap)

Solo Robert Reich appearance on the Deathbomb Arc 100 compilation, "covering" a song 10 years after guest writing and recording vocals on the original.  See below for the original.  

Garnered a "Best of 2012" mention at Gimme Tinnitus.

2013 Deathbomb Arc / slow roach music (ascap), 

appearance on the Deathbomb Arc Digital Singles Club.  we go incognito.  34 through 38 are Robert and Ian.  39 through 43 are Danny using one of his many pseudonyms, this time "To Hell With Babe Ruth", dropping about 30 minutes of Karp Melvins Killdozer sludge onto his "single".  

2012 Deathbomb Arc / slow roach music (ascap)

What are you doing still in bed?

2011 slow roach music (ascap)

Danny and Robert started a new recording technique (for us) in 2006: Set up microphones, turn the machine on, straight up improvise guitar and drum music, edit usable pieces down into 2 to 3 minute portions, and then flush out the song with live one take overdubs and live freestyle lyrics.  This record is full of flaws, but, is honestly 100% live one take improv.  We had not switched over from analog tape to digital here, hence the hiss.

2007 slow roach music (ascap)

Extremely limited edition 7" where the bands slowcoach and dewey defeats truman pretended to be a single band with 2 guitar players, 2 bass players, 2 drummers, and 4 vocalists.

2004 slow roach music (ascap) / explosion at the reverb factory (ascap)

peter put in an online interview at Delusions of Adequacy in 2001 that it would take him a year to write a record, but, that he thought robert could do one in a week.  this record was entirely written and recorded in a week in May of 2001 as a response.  danny killed it on capitolists.  yes, we know it's spelt wrong.  the places where power exists always seem to be where the business people are.  we just thought they should make it one spelling.  both words refer to the same thing.

2003 slow roach music (ascap)

Robert made guest appearances on this record as follows: Acoustic Guitar on Track 1, Lyrics and Vocals on Track 3, Feedback Guitar Solo on Track 4.

2002 Deathbomb Arc

The writing spree produced this, Coastal, Wired, Slowly, Lorina st., and double that unreleased.  Safe to say that we were full of expectations, ourselves, paranoia, and good old fashioned shit, all of which led to some substantial adult life adjustments.  

2002 slow roach music (ascap)

Contains one song from the "sharon stone" edition of 13 7" clear vinyl records.  We heard a story of RFTC over pressing a singles club 7" and to ensure that only the exact number of supporters received copies threw the extra copies out of the window while driving on the freeway.  One of us worked at a metals foundry that shot wax at the time, and simply threw the extra records into the wax vat.  Much more efficient.  Our edition number was not a fan club number, 13 just felt right for that release.  This expansion features appearances by the Drootin Siblings, Todd and Stefanie.

2002 slow roach music (ascap)

Compilation appearance.  We disagreed that No Limit was the preferred tribute recipient based on skillz, and that Russell Jones was in fact the superior talent at the time.  We stand by our stance.

2002 Deathbomb Arc / slow roach music (ascap)

includes original 1996 recordings up to songs intended for release after nsan, tinsg.  songs 1 - 7 were released via in 2001 where one could order a cdr with printed, alternate artwork. 

2001 slow roach music (ascap)

This was a very fun year for us.  Thank you.  We don't remember any of it, but, we know it was fun.

2000 slow roach music (ascap)

CD exclusively via Silvergirl Records.

Original 4 song 7", expanded with period correct un and under released material.  7" was edition of 200, green vinyl, hand printed and cut covers, and long sold out.  Also contains one song from the "sharon stone" edition of 13 7" clear vinyl records.  

1998 slow roach music (ascap)